Whiskey Picnic Kenya


Why A Whiskey Picnic Kenya event?

  1. Whisky Picnic is about reclaiming whisky from the secretive and exclusive societies and placing it back where it belongs – with the people.

  1. Whilst we have a massive respect and love for fine whisky, we want people to enjoy it in any way that they feel appropriate. We want to break down the barriers that exist in the whisky world and place fun and great relationships at the heart of the enjoyment.
  2. We want to raise Whisky’s profile in Kenya and around Africa in a way that is engaging and fun. Celebrating flavour, creativity and a thirst for fun, we want to champion bartenders that get on board with whisky in any guise, and help them spread the word of this fine spirit.
  3. We’re also passionate about celebrating and maintaining traditions. We love tweed, and are doing everything we can to ensure that the industry survives.

What Happens at Whiskey Picnic Kenya…

  1.  The price of your ticket includes a bottle of EABL single malt which you will get at the door. You will then pour your bottle into the blending barrel and enjoy some food, music & cocktails.
  2. After all the whiskies have been blended we will decant into one off Whisky Picnic Kenya bottles ready for you when you leave.
  3. (Blending will stop at 3:30pm in preparation for bottling so arrive in plenty of time and enjoy the day)


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